Bio Physics

Space Research

  • Radiobiology
  • Tests and calibrations of space flight instruments
  • Radiation hardness of electronic components

Heavy-ion cancer therapy

  • Physical dose distribution
  • Biological effectiveness
  • Biologically optimized treatment planning
  • Precisely tumor-conformant irradiation
  • Online therapy monitoring

Physics of heavy ions

  • Precision measurements of depth-dose profiles of ion beams and comparison with model calculations
  • Lateral beam spread and range straggling
  • Heavy-ion dosimetry
  • Measurements and model calculations for δ-electrons
  • Characterisation of the particle field as function of penetration depth of high-energy ion beams
    • Experimental studies of yields, energy- and angular distributions of nuclear fragments
    • Secondary neutrons
    • Bench mark data for validation of the physical model used for treatment planning