Prof. Elschner

Prof. Bruno Elschner

Prof. Elschner

The following text written by H. Wipf and A. Loidl appeared in German in the university's newspaper TUD-intern in the year 2004, this translation was done by F. Greil.

Professor Dr. Bruno Elschner, an emeritus professor in the physics department, celebrates his 85th birthday on May 20, 2009. He arrived in Darmstadt in 1963, when he accepted the position of the newly created chair Experiment Physics II. His concentration on electron spin resonance won his research group international recognition; particularly for their investigation of metals and intermetallic substances.

In addition to his scientific research, Professor Elschner is an accomplished professor who instilled his students with a sense of responsibility and diligence. He instructed nearly one hundred undergraduates, over forty graduates, and several professional researchers. Many of his students occupy prominent positions in academia and industry.

Upon retirement, Professor Elschner was conferred emeritus status. He remains active in laboratory research and has published two comprehensive articles on electron spin resonance in metallic and high-temperature superconductors. At this time (January 2009), Professor Elschner continues to participate in scientific discussion, seminars, and colloquia.