The Augmented Spherical Waves (ASW) Method

The Augmented Spherical Waves (ASW) method

The ASW method is one of the most efficient methods for calculating electronic and magnetic properties of real solids. It is used to solve the one-particle Kohn-Sham equations by which the crystalline solid is described in density functional theory. To describe the method in some detail is far beyond the scope of this page, so the interested reader may refer to the literature. The book Theory of Itinerant Electron Magnetism by J. Kübler, available from Oxford University Press (2000), ISBN 0 19 850028 9 (International series of monographs on physics; 106) gives a complete account of the method and, furthermore provides a coverage of a large section of the theory of magnetism, including modern topics like multilayers, half-metallic magnets, non-collinear order at T=0 and at T>0, effects of relativity etc.

Download the ASW Fortran code

Please refer to the readme.txt for further details. A description on the usage of the code is available in the above mentioned book Theory of Itinerant Electron Magnetism by J. Kübler (or contact me directly).