Project 1:

Prof. Dr. Christian Hess, Dr. Christina Trautmann

TU Darmstadt, GSI

Chemistry Deptartment, Materials Research Department

Production and controlled surface functionalisation of mesoporous SiO2-materials and ion track nano-channels

Project 2:

Prof Dr. Gerd Buntkowsky, Dr. Hergen Breitzke

TU Darmstadt

Department of Physical Chemistry

Chemically modified silica materials as model systems for characterisation of water-surface interactions


Project 3:

Prof. Dr. Bernd Stühn

TU Darmstadt

Solid State Physics

Dynamics of polymer/water mixtures in soft confinements

Project 4:

Dr. Thomas Blochowicz*, Prof. Dr. Thomas Walther°

TU Darmstadt

*Solid State Physics,°Applied Physics

Solvation dynamics in super-cooled water mixtures in soft and hard confinements


Project 5:

Prof. Dr. Michael Vogel

TU Darmstadt

Solid State Physics

NMR investigation of water dynamics in confined systems

Project 6:

Prof. Dr. Roland Winter

TU Dortmund

Department of Physical Chemistry

Influence of the confinement on the conformation, dynamic, and solvation properties of peptides

Phasendiagramm von Eis

Project 7:

Prof. Dr. Franz Fujara

TU Darmstadt

Solid State Physics

Phase behaviour of binary, water-like liquids in ion track channels

Project 8:

PD Dr. Daniel Sebastiani

FU Berlin

Theoretical Physics

Ab-initio molecular-dynamic simulations and calculation of spectroscopic properties of hydrogen bonding liquids in confined systems


Project 9:

Prof. Dr. Barbara Drossel, Prof. Dr. Michael Vogel

TU Darmstadt

Solid State Physics

Molecular dynamic simulations of water mixtures in confined systems

Project 10

Prof. Dr. Christina Thiele

TU Darmstadt

Chemistry Department

Studies on orientation in lyotropic liquid crystalline phases